How I Make Over $4000 a Month Selling Online

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I made $10,000 Selling Beats Online in One Month

Music Producer Kato explains how he went from being evicted to making $10k a month selling beats. online. 

The Music Producer Formula Behind the Highest Selling Beats

Music Producers, have you ever wondered what beats Sell and what beats DON'T?  In this video , Music Producer Curtiss King will explain it.

How to Get Work as a Producer, Mixer, or Recording Engineer

In this video you will learn how to start getting work in your home town. These are ideas you can use to meet new artists / bands / and musicians.

Music Producer Breaks Down The Many Ways Producers Get Paid

Check out this great video.  Music Producer Breaks Down The Many Ways Producers Get Paid.

How to Make Money Selling Beats

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The Difference between Beatmakers and Producers

DJ Khaled Explains the Difference between Beatmakers and Producers.

VideoNoisey Atlanta - The Producers - Episode 9

How does a song become popular? In episode nine of Noisey Atlanta, we look at the backbone of the trap scene: the producers. 

Interview with Music Producer Teddy Riley

Teddy Riley joins Dave and Herb on the 169th episode of Pensado's Place.  Teddy Riley is repsonsible for such artist as Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Doug E. Fresh, Keith Sweat, Heavy D., Usher) and Blackstreet.

Quincy Jones's Top 10 Rules For Success

Quincy Jones is an American record producer, composer, musician, film producer, and entertainment company executive.  Quincy Jones career spans six decades in the entertainment industry and a record 79 Grammy Award nominations.

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis In Studio w/ Donnie Simpson

An interview with legendary music producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

The dirty secrets hiding from music producers for years.

Postman reveals the dirty secrets the music industry doesn't want music producers To Know.